Expert Witness for Inflatable Amusement Rides


AS A GUEST LECTURER STEVEN is available to share his amazing true business stories as well as educate on many aspects of business

Congratulations to Steven Poretskin for being honored as businesman of the year

Steven Poretskin works and creates amusement rides and shows for amusement parks and attractions that have been seen all over the world. Steven M Poretskin has patents and is the original creator of the Inflatable Movie Screens, Electronic Gaming systems and lighting systems for inflatable games and rides (Patented). Steven Poretskin who is also the president of Fun Attractions USA Corp has also written and directed shows for amusement parks all over the World including the USA Six Flags Parks which featured his shows on many of their stages for many years. 

Steven Poretskin was the President of the largest Amusement Rental and Entertainment Company on the East Coast of the USA for over 30 years which he retired from. 

Steven M Poretskin Purchased Dixie Fun Machines and has been manufacturing the Dixie Fun Machines rides including the Swing Ride (also called the Fun Swing), Turbo Tubs Amusement ride also called the Funny Tubs and his rides have been copied by unscrupulous companies even saying that they make the rides for Steven which is not the case. Steven Resides in the USA and works creating his amusement rides here in New Jersey USA as well as in China and the Phillipines. You can learn more about Steven Michael Poretskin and see some of his amusement park Mechanical Rides and Inflatables at the website You can also see more about Steven Poretskins website for his hypnosis shows at 

Stage and screen actor, Lecturer, comedy Hypnotist, magician, creative designer and patent holder for amusement industry

Steven can provide for you insightful information when it comes to safety of inflatables and has been used as an expert witness for mechanical bull accidents as well as inflatable slide accidents and Obstacle courses. Looking for an expert witness for inflatables? Here he is.

Professional Showman