Steven Poretskin is an expert on amusement devices including but not limited to Mechanical Bulls, Party Rental Rides, Amusement Rides, Inflatable Games, Inflatable Slides and much more. Steven was not only an operator of Mechanical Bulls, Inflatable Slides, Bouncy Houses, Amusement Rides, etc. for over 30+ years but is also an expert on the repairs of these items. Steven has also been certified as an operator and  trainer as well as a designer and manufacturer of Mechanical Bulls, Amusement Rides, Bumper Cars, Inflatable Bouncy Houses as well as all types of Inflatable Games, Slides, and Portable Rides. If you need an experienced expert to help with your design, answer questions or be an expert witness please reach out to Steven through Fun Attractions USA Corp at or call 1-732-364-3939(USA). 


Stage and screen actor, Lecturer, comedy Hypnotist, magician, creative designer and patent holder for amusement industry